Risk Management Planning’s (RMP) mission is to help individuals and businesses properly and thoroughly assess their risk and then design a comprehensive strategy to protect what they have worked so hard to obtain. We then work with the client to design a suite of insurance products to properly protect those assets. Next, we refer the client to insurance professionals with the needed expertise to put together the policies needed to fulfill our mission of making sure our client’s assets are properly protected.

RMP also advises our clients on potential asset protection pitfalls of not properly assigning their assets to the right ownership. Although we are not attorneys, our experience helps us identify potential issues. We then refer the client to legal counsel to confirm that there is an issue and then recommend a remedy.

Risk Management Planning believes that every individual and business owner should view their various insurance products as a cohesive portfolio designed to work in concert to protect what is valuable to our clients. We do a thorough investigation into all aspects of our client’s assets and current insurance products to identify potential gaps and/or shortfalls in coverage.

People often make the mistake of reviewing and purchasing their insurance products individually. An example is seeking quotes and buying an automobile insurance policy without having any discussion with the agent about their potentially exposed assets in the event of an at-fault automobile accident. There is also normally no discussion of the client’s other insurance policies, leaving the opportunity for a coverage gap to exist. All the client knows is that they have an automobile insurance policy and they think they are covered. RMP finds that this is often not the case.

Many households spend more money on insurance than on any one product in their budget. When you actually add up the cost of auto, home, life, health, boat, motorcycle, RV, short and long term disability and other insurance products the total is often eye-opening. Yet many individuals are not properly protected and are literally one at-fault automobile accident away from losing everything that they have worked so hard to obtain.

Risk Management Planning is under the leadership of our president, Jim Everett. Mr. Everett has over 37 years of business, business management, business ownership and insurance experience. He has a Florida 2-20 property and casualty insurance license, a Florida 2-15 life, health and annuities license and a Series 6 securities license. Mr. Everett has been involved in the insurance business for almost ten years; owning two Allstate agencies and advising new agents opening their own insurance agencies during this time. Prior to that, he served in sales and management roles for companies that include Procter and Gamble, Xerox, Lucent Technologies and Sprint.

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