Risk Management Planning works with our clients on a thorough risk management assessment.
The assessment includes, but is not limited to:

1) Asset Inventory – this identifies the client’s personal assets and how they are currently held (personally, in an LLC, in a trust, etc.).
a. If we feel that an asset(s) may not be held in a manner that best protects the client, we will refer them to a legal professional or professionals that can assist in making a correction or corrections. This may also include recommending changes that need to be made with the appropriate government entity (department of motor vehicles, etc.).
i. This may include a will or wills, a primary residence being placed in a trust, health surrogate documents, etc.

2) Assessment of current insurance policies – one of our key focuses is not only on each individual insurance policy, but how they work together (or not) to protect the client.
a. This includes not only property and casualty policies, but also life insurance, disability insurance and health insurance.

3) Recommend any changes to existing policies or new policies that we feel are warranted.
a. If any new policies are needed, we can also provide referrals to trusted insurance professional to assist the client.

Let Us Help you with Your Risk Management

We work with our clients on a thorough risk management assessment.